How To Find and Fulfill God’s Will For Your Life


By Pastor J.D. Link  6pm M-F AM630KSLR

            Romans 12:1-2 says, “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove (discern) what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”  God has a purpose and destiny for each one of His children; but how many Christians are unaware of this?  How many go through life without any sense of Divine purpose?  We should desire to know what God’s will is for our lives; both His revealed will for all of us according to His Word, and His specific will for us individually.  Here are several steps one can take in finding out God’s will for their life.

            1. Know that you are created with a purpose and destiny.  God created man to subdue and have dominion over (reign over; bring into subjection) the earth  (Gen 1:27-28).  God formed us in the womb.  He gave us our gifts and talents.  He gave us our personality.  He made us for His divine purposes (Ps 139:13-17, Job 31:15).  God knew us, even before we were conceived (Jer 1:4-5).  John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit, even from His mother’s womb (Lk 1:15).  What does this mean?  It means the life in the womb is a person with a destiny – not a meaningless “blob of tissue”.  Paul was separated to be an apostle even from his mother’s womb (Gal 1:15-16).  The Scriptures make clear that God knows us before we are even conceived, and has a purpose for our lives.

            2. Seek God with your whole heart.  If we want to know God’s will, we must search for Him with all of our heart (Jer 29:11-13).  We will prosper when we do (2Ch 31:20-21).  This means offering our lives to God as a living sacrifice.  This is simply our reasonable service (Rom 12:1).  Psa 37:4-5 says when we delight ourselves in the LORD, He shall give us the desires (request or petition) of our heart.  Delight means to be soft and pliable, yielded to the Holy Spirit.  It means saying with all of your heart, “God, my life is yours.  Your will be done.  Wherever it may take me – do with me as You please.”

            3. Renew your mind.  Be transformed by meditating in God’s Word (Rom 12:2, Josh 1:8, Ps 119:15, 97).  How can we ever expect God to reveal in us His specific will, if we do not know – and do – His revealed will?  By knowing God’s Word, we will be able to discern what is of our own mind, and what is of the mind of Christ.  It separates the spiritual from the soulish (Heb 4:12).  God’s Word is our foundation of truth.  If we do not know God’s Word, it’s a bad idea to “follow our heart” or go with our feelings.  Why would God show you more, if you’re not even doing what He clearly stated in His Word?  Become a student of God’s revealed will, and He will show you His specific will for your life.

            4. Let Peace rule in your heart.  Let it govern (Col 3:15).   If we are keeping our mind on God; and seeking God with all of our heart; and renewing our mind in His Word, and doing it; He will guide us by His peace (Isa 26:3, Philp 4:6-7).  We must learn to first trust in the outward witness of His Word, and then the inward witness of the Holy Spirit.  When they agree, and there is consistent peace; then that is our green light, so to speak.

            5. Know that God is working in your life.  This is called faith, and it’s vitally important.  God wants to work His perfect will in our lives, more than we want it.  If we are sincerely doing the previous steps, we can rest assured that God is working in us His divine purposes.  His Word says so (Philp 1:6, Ps 57:2, 138:8, Job 23:14).  This is where we must let patience and faith have it’s perfect work.  God looks at the calendar, not the clock.  He smokes a brisket, He doesn’t microwave it!   Don’t get discouraged and quit.  There will be many days, months – even years – where not much seems to be happening.  However, know that there are many things happening in the spiritual realm, and God is preparing you – working all things together for good in your life (Rom 8:28).  Don’t worry or fret – just trust Him.

            A word of exhortation:  God’s will for you individually may not be glorious in this life; but if you are in the middle of God’s perfect will, the glory of eternity will far outweigh any lack of glory in this life.  Not everyone is going to be a C.S. Lewis, Billy Graham or C.H. Spurgeon.  No one may ever know you.  You may never be recognized by man.  In the world’s eyes, you may be a “nobody” your entire life.  However, that is irrelevant in God’s estimation.  If you are a surrendered vessel, in His perfect will – you are a success in His eyes.  At the end of the day – at the end of this life – that’s all that matters.  Selah.