Choose This Day


By Pastor J.D. Link 6 pm M-F AM630

            “… as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  (Josh 24:15).  One of Satan’s most successfully peddled lies to mankind is that they have no choice.  He has promoted the victim mentality to the uttermost.  “You can’t help the way you act; talk; think; respond – it’s not your fault.  It’s your skin color; it’s your education level; it’s your broken home; it’s your spouse; it’s your lack of opportunity; etc..  You’re a product of your environment.  You’re destined to follow the path of destruction; because after all, how could you go any other direction, considering your circumstances?”  The problem is, those are absolute lies – in more ways then one. 

            First of all, what does God’s Word say? It says in Christ, you’re always victorious; not a victim (1Cor 15:57).  It says in Christ, you’re always caused to triumph; not defeated (2Cor 2:14).   It says in Christ, you’re more than a conqueror; not conquered (Rom 8:37).  I could go on, but this is sufficient for my point.  We are either going to have a “poor me pity party“, or we are going to believe God.  His Word is eternal truth, and He changes not; while my feelings come and go – as does the world’s opinion.

            We have a choice!  You may not always have a choice concerning your circumstances, but you can always choose how your going to view a situation.  We have a choice to praise God; a choice to believe His Word; a choice of how we’re going to act or respond; a choice of how we’re going to speak and think; etc. 

            Deut 30:19 says “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live”.  God sets before each of us life and death, blessing and cursing. Then He tells us which one to choose. If you choose Jesus and His ways, you choose life and blessing. If you choose Satan’s ways, or your own ways, you choose death and cursing. With every temptation (experience, adversity) you find yourself in, He makes a way of escape (an exit – 1Cor 10:13).

            Don’t say you just can’t help it, or you have some “special” problem no one can understand.  There is no adversity come upon you except what is common to man.  Sure, it might be different than some other people’s problems – but we all deal with the same flesh; same world; same devil.  You are not hopeless or helpless! Don’t buy into the devil’s lies anymore! Proverbs 1:29 says that we should not hate the knowledge of The Lord; but that we should choose to fear The Lord.  The choice is yours. The Bible tells us in Prov 3:31 that we are not to envy the oppressor (unrighteous person); and that we should not choose any of his ways. Why?  Because their party is shallow and short-lived.

            The absolute first step in walking in true healing, restoration, reformation, deliverance, freedom, etc., is to stop pointing the finger at everyone and everything else for your problems.  It’s YOUR problem.  It’s YOUR issue.  Take responsibility for your actions and decisions.  Stop blaming.  Stop feeling entitled.  No one owes you anything.  Just look in the mirror, and admit your stuff.  That’s not what we want to hear, but it’s what we need to hear.  It’s what will make us free.  Self pity; entitlement mentality; blaming; finger pointing; not taking responsibility – this will keep you in bondage all your miserable life.

            You are not destined to be in bondage, unrighteous, or unsaved; the choice is yours.

Joshua said “As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord” (Josh 24:14-15). He told the people to choose that day who they’re going to serve. They had a choice. Fathers, you are the leaders of your home. You need to make a bold declaration; that as for you and your house, you are going to serve The Lord. You make that decision for your family. Choose life for your family! When your kids grow up and move away, then they’ll have to make that choice for themselves. But as long as they are under your roof, you see to it your home serves The Lord.

            In 1Kings 18:21, the prophet Elijah challenged the children of Israel to make a choice. He asked them how long were they going to hobble back and forth between to opinions. He was basically asking how long they planned on straddling the fence. How long are they going to keep on living with one foot in the enemy’s camp; and one foot in God’s camp. He said “If the Lord be God, then follow Him! If Baal be God, then follow Him! Make your choice!”

            Make your choice.  Choose life.  Choose Jesus.  Choose truth.  Choose to accept responsibility for your own life.  Choose the good.  Choose right decisions.  Choose to speak God’s Word; believe God’s Word; act on God’s Word.  Don’t buy into the lie any longer.  Don’t play the victim anymore.  You have a choice!  Selah.