Why We Give God Thanks!


By Pastor J.D. Link


            I encourage you to thoughtfully read and meditate on Psalm 103.  This is a wonderful Thanksgiving Psalm, reflecting on many of the reasons we have to give thanks and bless The Lord with all that is within us.  We should praise God continually, and give thanks to His Name (Heb 13:15), but there are those who do not think that they have anything to praise God about.  This is deception, brought about by being carnally minded.  The carnal mind gravitates towards the negative.  It is pessimistic, only seeing the glass half empty.  It murmurs, complains, and gripes.  It is depressed, negative, and troubled.  It thinks on death; it speaks death; and then it wonders why only death seems to come of it.  It is quite simple.

            God sets before us life and death; blessing and cursing.  We must choose life and blessing.  You have a choice.  You are not helpless to choose.  You may not be able to choose your circumstances, but you can always choose how you will respond in those circumstances.  You can choose life and blessing, or death and cursing.  You must also speak life.  Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and you will eat the fruit of it (Prv 18:20-21).  Words are seeds that come out of your mouth.  Those seeds will bring forth fruit that you will have to eat later.  Do you like the fruit you’ve been eating?  If not, change the seed you’ve been sowing. 

            God created us in His image, and our God calls things that are not as though they are, then they become.  He has creative power in His words.  Being made in His image, we have creative power in our words.  Speak life and reap life.  Speak positive and reap positive.  Speak death and negative…. You get the picture.  Change what you think; change what you speak – then change what you reap.  Start thanking God for every good thing in your life.  Look  for the positive.  Search it out.  Find the good in every situation, and give God thanks for it.  Accentuate the positive… eliminate the negative.  Leary of that “positive thinking” stuff?  Read Philip. 4:8.

            This may be hard to hear, but it will bless you if you grasp it: with little exception, your current state  of life is the sum total of what you have been thinking and speaking.  It’s true.  Take this challenge if you will: for 30 days, purposely find the good in everything.  Think only on that written in Philip 4:8.  Refuse to think on anything negative.  Cast down every negative thought immediately.  Watch your tongue.  Speak only positive.  Give only thanks to God. Speak only in truth and love.  Speak life.  Speak the covenant and the promises of God.  If you catch yourself thinking or speaking negative, immediately stop, repent, and get positive again.  Imagine what would happen to you – and everyone around you – if you did this.  This is the power of Thanksgiving!  Your life will be transformed!  After 30 days, do it for another 30, then another, etc.  Make it a lifestyle.  Cultivate an attitude of gratitude, for your attitude will determine your altitude!  Thanksgiving is the way to a brighter day!

            Do you have eyes to see this, and a mind that comprehends the words? Give thanks to God.  Do you have hands to hold this newspaper or computer? Give thanks. Do you have clothes? Hot water? Heat? Cool? Shelter? Health? Food? Can you hear? Can you walk? Do you have a loved one? A job? A friend? If you answered yes, you are extremely blessed beyond measure!  And we just got started!  It’s all a matter of focus!  We all have some good and some bad in our lives, but victory or defeat is only a matter of focus.

      Besides all the reasons given in Psalm 103, do you need some more reasons to give God thanks? 1. He gives us victory and triumph- 1Cor 15:57, 2Cor 2:14. 2. For His unspeakable gifts – 2Cor 9:15. 3. For making us partakers of His inheritance – Col 1:12. 4. Because we are rooted and bulit up and established in our faith – Col 2:7. 5. For His grace given to us – 1Cor 1:4. 6. Because through Jesus, He has delivered  us from this body of death – Rom 7:24-25. 7. Because He answers our prayers – Philp 4:6. 8. It is His will – 1Thess 5:18. 9. Because we have been chosen for salvation – 2Thess 2:13. 10. Because people are growing in their faith – 2Thess 1:3. 11. Because God enables us for ministry – 1Tim 1:12

12. Because we are His people – Ps 79:13. 13. Because He is holy and judges righteously – Ps 97:12, 119:62. 

            A pray each of you have a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving!  Why not sit down together as family and friends, and share all the reasons you have to give God thanks.  It will make your day.  Until next time, rejoice in The Lord! (Philp 4:4)