Why Did Jesus Give Himself?


By Pastor J.D. Link


            Why did Jesus give Himself?  Why did He give His life? There are specific Scriptures that say, “He gave Himself because…”, and it is these we will look at today.  We must first know and understand that Jesus giving Himself was not simply a nice gesture, nor a convenience, nor one of many ways to heaven.  The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus was absolutely necessary.  It was totally essential to eternal life.  He was and is The Way; The Truth; The Life.  No man comes to the Father but by Him (Jn 14:6).  His is the only Name by which we must be saved (Act 4:12).  We must believe on Jesus – not simply in – to receive everlasting life (Jn 3:36). Satan believes in Jesus.  Most other religions believe in Jesus.  That means nothing.  We must believe “on” Jesus or “into”.  We must totally and completely trust in Him and commit our lives to Him as His disciples – believing salvation is in Him and through Him alone, by grace through faith.

            While it is true The Father gave Jesus out of His love for us (Jn 3:16), Jesus was in perfect agreement with His will, and also gave Himself because of His love for us (Gal 2:20). It was love for you and me that put Jesus on that cross.  His abundant love; His extravagant love; His pure love for us, caused Him to be born a man, and He lived to die for us.  What a thought!  What amazing grace!  What love!

            Jesus gave Himself to be a ransom for us (1Tim 2:6, Mt 20:28). The word ransom means “The redemption price to loosen a captive”.  Before salvation, we were held captive by Satan at his will.  We were by nature children of wrath.  We lived as citizens in the kingdom of darkness.  We had to be ransomed.  We were captives who needed a price paid for freedom.  The only legal price sufficient was the blood of Jesus.  Pure blood.  Sinless blood.  The blood of God (Act 20:28).  We are bought with a price!  The priceless blood of Jesus!

            Jesus gave Himself for our sins, to deliver us from this present evil world (Gal 1:4). In Acts 2:40, Peter told the people to save themselves from this perverse, warped, and crooked generation!  Praise God, we do not have to go the way of this world; headlong into sin and destruction.  Jesus paid for our sins.  He did not die for His own sin.  He had no sin.  He died for your sin.  For my sin.  To deliver us now, and in the future, from this evil world.

            He gave Himself as an offering and sacrifice acceptable to God The Father (Eph 5:1-2). The blood of animals could never take away sin, but only cover it temporarily.  Jesus, the Lamb of God, did not cover sin – He totally removed sin.  He took it upon Himself.  He became the ultimate sacrifice.  His blood removes our sins – if we truly trust in it.  We must believe and receive, in order for it to benefit us in any way.

            He gave Himself to cleanse our conscience from dead works, so that we could serve God (Heb 9:14).  The Old Testament sacrifices could never give the one offering it a clear conscience.  They knew it didn’t work.  Why?  Because they had to come back every year!  If it worked, why did they have to come back over and over?  But the blood of Jesus cleanses the conscience of the believer, giving him the confidence and ability to serve God to the fullest! 

            Jesus gave Himself to redeem us from all wickedness, and to cleanse for Himself a special people, zealous for good works (Titus 2:13-15).  The Greek word for church is ecclesia, which means “The ones called out”.  We are to be a special, peculiar people – called out of the world, who are zealous and passionate for good works.  This is why Jesus gave Himself.  It was not so that we could be free OF Him, but that we could be free IN Him!  Our works do matter!  They are not salvation, but they are indicators of it!

            Jesus gave Himself for us, that He might sanctify, cleanse, and wash us – in order to present us to Himself a glorious bride, without one blemish (Eph 5:25-27). What an amazing truth.  We could not cleanse ourselves.  We could not wash our sins away.  We could not save ourselves.  Jesus came to do these things for us, because we couldn’t do it ourselves.  He loves us so much, that He totally gave Himself in death, so that we could have His life.  What a beautiful truth to meditate on!  Oh, praise Jesus Christ The Lord!

            He gave Himself for our lives (Jn 6:51).  His life for our life.  The great exchange.  Do you now see how utterly necessary it was for Jesus to give Himself for us?  Can you now understand why He is the only way?  Can you now see the great price paid for your redemption?   You NEED Jesus!  Do you realize that you need Him?  You must have Him!  To have life eternal; to have salvation; to have righteousness; to have heaven – you must have Jesus.  None of the above come without Him.  Receive Him today.