The Sanctity of Life


By Pastor J.D. Link

            Genesis 2:7 says, “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”  Sanctity of life means the holiness or sacredness of life.  Why is life sacred? Because it is the gift of God.  Our God is a God of life.  God is the giver of life (Act 17:25). God created all things for His pleasure (Rev. 4:11). Jesus has many titles, some of which are: the Light of life, the Resurrection and the life, the Bread of life, The Way, the Truth, and the Life, and the giver of Abundant Life.  However, we live in a culture of death.  Many people, even Christians, have bought into the philosophy of the world – a philosophy of death. 

Since 1973, over 58.5 MILLION innocent children have been murdered in the U.S. as a result of this philosophy. That’s almost the total population of Italy (60 mil).  It’s more than the entire pop. of Tanzania (57 mil). That’s twice the population of Nepal (29 mil). That’s three times the pop. of Romania (19 mil).  Stop.  Think about those numbers.  Let them sink in. It is infanticide – a holocaust of epic proportion. We have wiped out – through abortion – what amounts to entire nations!  We must combat this philosophy of death with the truth of God’s Word.  Only the truth of God’s Word will remove the veil of deceit that hangs over the hearts of so many, and set our nation free.

            In Exodus chapter 1, Pharaoh ordered the midwives to the Hebrews to slay the male babies as they were being born.  The midwives feared God, and they refused.  They knew it was evil, and reverenced God above the Pharaoh’s command.  The law in our nation says that it is O.K. to kill innocent children.  However, we need to be as the midwives, and exalt God’s Word above what our government says is acceptable.  If it’s not acceptable to God, then it is not acceptable. It is the brutal murder of an innocent child, and nothing less. It is only rulers, governments, and nations under demonic influence that would condone and legalize such atrocities.

            God hates the shedding of innocent blood.  It is an abomination (morally disgusting) to Him (Prv 6:16-17).  In Dt 27:25, it says the person who took money to kill an innocent was cursed.  In Isaiah 1:13-20, God tells Israel that he is sick and tired of all their religious acts, when they have blood on their hands.  We cannot sit in church and smile and act holy, when we condone (openly, or through our silence) the slaying of the innocents.  Is the child in the womb a real person?  Both biblically and scientifically, there is no question the answer is yes. Science tells us the baby’s heart begins to beat 18-21 days after fertilization – before a woman usually even knows she is pregnant.

Samson was called from the womb (Jdg 13:5).  Jeremiah was known and called by God even before God formed him in the womb (Jer 1:5). Paul was called and separated to be an Apostle, while still in the womb (Gal 1:15).  John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit while in the womb (Luk 1:15, 41).  When did the eternally Divine Jesus become The God-Man?  When He was born in Bethlehem, or when the Holy Spirit placed the seed of the Word of God in Mary’s womb?  We do not have to guess.  In Isaiah 49, it is The Messiah (Jesus) speaking to Israel.  In verse 1& 5, He says God called him from the depths of his mother’s womb, and that God formed Him in the womb.

In Psalm 139:13-18, King David tells us that God knows us and forms us in our mother’s womb.  This could be speaking of physically, but I personally believe this is talking of soul and spirit.  God knows who we are, and makes us with our unique personalities and gifts and callings that He has ordained.  This clearly makes us a person while in our mother’s womb.  A person with a right to be born and live out their God given destiny.  We must value innocent life.

            God so values the life of a mother and child, that under the law of Moses, even if a man accidentally causes harm to a mother or her unborn child, he could possibly pay with his life (Ex 21:22-25).  God makes it clear that it is serious business to mess with a pregnant mother or the child she is carrying.  We must stop looking at children as a burden or nuisance.  We must stop thinking that children are “punishment”, and holding us back from living the good life.  That is a satanic lie.  God tells us that children are an inheritance and a reward straight from Him (Ps 127:3-5).  That the man that honors God will be blessed by God with children around his table (Ps 128:3-4).  That part of the blessings in Deuteronomy 28:4,11 is that the fruit of your body (children) would be blessed.  This is how God sees children.  They are precious in His sight, and should be in our sight, as well.

            Only a calloused, degenerate, sick and satanically influenced society cares more about the life of animals than it does of human beings.  When various mammals, reptiles and fish are federally protected; while it’s open season on our unborn children – we have become tragically lost and thoroughly demented.  We are at the depths of lunacy, depravity and diabolical wickedness.  I wish this were an overstatement.  It is not.  Let us abandon the deceptive jargon and catch phrases.  It is not “pro-choice” or “women’s health.” That’s like calling the Nazi holocaust a “pro-choice” movement, concerned with “Arian health”.  No, it’s infanticide, and many refuse to “smell the smoke” or hear the screams.

            The systematic mass-murder of Jews and others in Nazi Germany lasted four years.  The American holocaust has been going on 44 years.  The Nazi Holocaust murdered approx.. 12 million people, while the American holocaust has murdered 58 million. The Allied forces put a stop to the Nazi holocaust in 1945, but the American holocaust has yet to end. Do you think the comparison of abortion to the holocaust is a stretch?  Consider this:  How were the Nazi’s able to commit such cruel and hateful atrocities against the Jews?  By convincing the German society Jews weren’t really people – like the pro-abortionist do the American people.

            It is sadly ironic, that the pro-abortion feminist movement is responsible for – and in support of – the murder, so far, of some 29 million females in this nation alone.  Are feminists really about justice for females & female rights, when they condone their murder?  No, in reality feminists are about the right of the woman to practice sexual immorality without consequence.  Feminists gave us Roe v Wade.  It’s not fair that men can sleep around freely without consequence, commitment or responsibility. So, through abortion, women can now do the same.  So, we see not only is the act of abortion immoral, but its premise is as well.  According to National Right to Life, in 93% of cases, “social reasons” are given for having an abortion.  Not necessity, but convenience, fuels the slaughterhouses of Planned Parenthood.

            What about those cases where it’s to save the life of the mother or possible disability of the child or rape?  Statistics show less than 6% of abortions are for these reasons combined.  In the case of rape: If a woman aborts her baby, there are now two innocent victims – the woman, and then the child.  Two crimes have now been committed. Killing the child for the sin of the father makes the woman both a victim and now a perpetrator.  What was done to her against her will was evil; but what she does to her unborn child against his will is also evil.  The difference is, the first victim will live on, while the second one will not.

            In the case of possible disability:  To discriminate against a disabled person is considered a horrible thing in our society.  Why then is it okay to discriminate against an unborn disabled child?  Killing the patient is never a cure.

            To save the life of the mother: This is a rare circumstance, but when this is the case, the focus is to save the life of the mother, and not to kill the baby.  In other words, you would seek to preserve both lives, if at all possible; but if in the process of trying to save the mother the baby died, that would be tragic, but not intended.

            It says in Isa 59:2-4, that the Israelites were separated from God because their hands were defiled with blood, and no one was pleading for truth or calling for justice.  We need to plead for truth and call for justice!  Yet, we cannot just declare what is evil; we must also show forth God’s way.  We must help support crisis pregnancy centers and other pro life organizations that are helping women (and men) to see the importance of life.  There are couples who cannot have children who want to adopt.  There are resources available to help you keep and raise your child.  But we must break free from the philosophy of death in our culture that says abortion is an acceptable answer.  We must also teach our children that sex out of wedlock is a sin against God and their own body (1Cor 6:13, 18; 1Thess 4:3; Jud 1:7); and that abstinence will prevent this from even being an issue.

            Do not be deceived into thinking that the life inside the mother is just some blob of tissue.  It is a genuine life, a separate and unique life – a living human being.  A person God knows.  The baby is in the mother’s body, but is not the mother’s body.  If it was the mother’s body, the mother would die when the abortion procedure took place.  The baby’s blood is separate from the mother’s, and can often have a different blood type altogether – showing that the child is a separate, individual human being.

            Though we have not ended this American holocaust, we have made positive impact and it is on the decrease.  Abortions are down almost to where they were in 1973.  We also now have a pro-life administration in the White House, and we need to pray they do all they possibly can to further the pro-life cause.

            Please do not sacrifice your child on the altar of selfishness and convenience.  Here are a few numbers to call: Hill Country Pregnancy Care Center in Boerne – 830-249-9717. Options For Women in New Braunfels – 830-629-7565. Central Texas Life Care San Marcos – 512-396-3020.  God loves you, and your child.  If you have already had an abortion, or been responsible in any way, acknowledge what you have done, and go to Jesus and ask forgiveness for your sins (1Jn 1:9).  Call on Jesus for salvation and deliverance and healing.  Genuine repentance, and faith in the blood and name of Jesus, will wash away the sin, guilt and shame of abortion.  Let Him make you whole again, and become a voice for truth and righteousness.